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Often when people seek help the pressure and suffering are at an extreme high. In these times, having a professional at your side to offer in-depth, personal support can help break destructive patterns and reveal a direct route to deep and lasting change. 

Using a variety of techniques and counselling orientations, drawing on those that I believe is the best fit with personality and the presenting concern, we will work together, taking a profound look into your issues to find a deeper understanding in a practical and real way.

My services are covered by a lot of health insurance companies.


Individual Therapy

A nurturing space to safely explore and grow into deeper resilience and freedom.

Are you struggling with a habit or pattern you would like to break?

Whether it’s overindulging in food or alcohol, spending endless hours online, compulsively shopping, or being consumed by self-doubt, sadness or grief, our minds can trap us into habitual thinking and behaviours that lead us away from the life we want. 

The truth is, you are not your habit or addiction, and you already possess the power to end it for good and make a positive change in your life. 

Sessions available online or in person, and begin with a free initial phone consultation.


Couples Therapy

Bring greater awareness and values-guided behaviour into your relationship

All of us want to be fully accepted, seen and understood in our relationships, yet it can be difficult to fully accept, see and understand our partners for who they are.

The people closest and dearest to us can bring the greatest potential for joy and love and also bring some of the biggest challenges and difficulties. All of us can learn in how to move and grow together through challenging times, and see the beauty that is available to you and your partner while living a life of love and happiness.

I am here to support you in finding resources and strengths in your relationship and to show you ways out of destructive cycles.

Sessions available online or in person, and begin with a free initial phone consultation.



I  provide Online Counselling ' through a safe and secure platform called Doxy me. I use different online tools to enhance and facilitate virtuel sessions.

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