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Polyvagal Theory

Learn to move your Nervoussystem from a state of surivial into a state of calm and relaxation

Our autonomic nervous system is all about safety.  Our brain and body’s first priority is to keep us alive. When our body or brain feels or perceives a threat, our nervous system moves into states of defense (fight, flight) or collapse (freeze, shut down). When a nervous state remains in a chronic state of defense it affects the way we feel, think and connect with others and can adversely affect our health. The presence of anxiety, anger, restlessness, fear, depression, addiction, and so forth are always an indication that we are stuck in a survival mode. Through Polyvagal Theory I can offer you an understanding on how the different states of our Nervous System operate and show you a way in how to move out of survival states into a happier and fulfilled life.  


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