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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does therapy cost?

Sessions last for 60 minutes and are $190/session. Payment is required at each session. I accept most major credit cards, cash, cheque, money orders, PayPal, and online bank transfers.

At this time, counselling fees are not covered by Alberta Health Care. However, many people may be eligible to have some of their sessions covered by an employee assistance program available through their work or their spouse's work.

Additionally, whole or partial reimbursement may be available through your extended health care plan (i.e., Blue Cross, Green Shield, Manulife, Great West, etc).

It will be important to discuss the coverage details with your specific plan(s) prior to starting any counselling services. I do offer a sliding scale to people who would like to work with me, but do not have insurance or the financial ability to pay this fee.

2. How much does my Insurance cover?

Every insurance company is different in terms of how much they cover. I recommend to call your insurance company to find out how much they cover per calendar year. When  we meet we will work out a treatment plan that works with your coverage.

3. How many sessions does counselling typically take? Do I need to come every week?

The number of sessions required can vary widely from client to client, due to differences in the presenting issue, the client's personality, and other issues that may arise as counselling continues. For some people, a few sessions will be sufficient, while for others they may need to come for several months.


Although this can be difficult to predict, this is something that can be discussed at your initial session, in order to give you a general idea. While it is not necessary to come every week, it is recommended that sessions are booked at least once every two weeks, as too much time between sessions can impact one's progress.


It is also helpful to see the Counsellor on a regular basis so that ideas are kept fresh in your mind, progress is being tracked, and new life events are incorporated into the work that is being done.

4. How do I know if your treatment is right for me?

Most importantly, according to research , is that you feel comfortable working with me.  A therapeutic relationship that is characterized by trust and collaboration in the therapy process yields the best outcome.


I will offer various treatment modalities that I have been trained in so that we can collaboratively decide what works best for you.

5.What is your Cancellation Policy?          

Unless you provide 24-hour notice, you will be responsible for the full cost of your session. Further sessions will not be arranged until late cancellation or no-show fees are paid. This means that if your appointment is at 3:00pm on Tuesday, then you must cancel or reschedule your appointment by 3:00pm on Monday. If payment is not received, then your file will be closed.

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